Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Australia: Malaysia Airlines Search Can Lasts Long

The Australian government on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) , warned that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 can take a very long and very frustrating .

Despite extensive searches being conducted in the Indian Ocean , southwest of Perth , has so far not been found strong evidence related where the ill-fated plane .
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A number of floating objects that look several times , apparently after being appointed a fishing gear or marine debris usual .

Retired Air Marshal Angus Houston , a retired Australian Air Force , said the search operation searches Malaysia Airlines is the most challenging he had ever seen .

" Usually the starting point is the location of the last search aircraft or vehicle is lost . Yet in this case , the last position is very far from the location of the missing aircraft , " said Angus .

Referring to the search warship HMAS Sydney Australia's newly discovered 60 years after the German ship sunk in 1941 in the Indian Ocean , Angus said , MH370 search is expected to " end up " together .

"This search can take a very long time . However I think at this stage it is important to pursue all of the evidence , " said Angus .
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Currently as many as 10 aircraft , nine ships , some of which are reinforced helicopter continued to search the area of ​​the southern Indian Ocean malignant .

Meanwhile , the Australian ship , Ocean Shield , which is equipped with a black box detector belonging to the U.S. , leaving the port of Perth since Monday ( 3/31/2014 ) . But it takes three days to reach the site search .


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