Monday, April 21, 2014

Office of PPP " Mastered " Kubu Suryadharma Ali

The head office of the United Development Party at Jalan Diponegoro , Central Jakarta , dozens of people seem guarded , Monday, April 21, 2014 , after the PPP National Leadership Meeting last night resulted in the decision of suspension against Suryadharma Ali from his position as Chairman of the PPP .

Rapimnas overnight PPP led by the Secretary General of PPP M Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) - which previously dilengeserkan Suryadharma Ali . However Romi refuse rotation removed because he thinks the board decided in a meeting of PPP daily caretaker who did not achieve a quorum . So in Rapimnas Sunday night , changing camp Romi who dismiss Suryadharma Ali .
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Tension between the two camps in the internal PPP still felt to this morning . Every corner in an office environment filled with men PPP Regional Leadership Council Chairman PPP Jakarta , Abraham Lunggana or Hajj Lulung who are in camp Suryadharma Alli .

Dozens of people were dressed in street clothes . They also stand guard at the entrance to the office two PPP is locked tight . " We are all the people Lulung Pak Haji , " said one among them who keep the PPP office lobby .

All PPP office padlocked gate , and everyone who wanted to enter were asked needs.

Security Coordinator , Mohammad Salah , said they keep the PPP office since last night . " We the youths of PPP supporters and partisans commanded appropriate administrator credentials to secure the assets of the office , " he said .

Salah said , they came from the camp Suryadharma Ali . According to him , every day about 100 people on standby to keep the PPP office in turn.

" We are here to maintain security while waiting reconciliation ( peace antarkubu ) . Every day there are 100 people keeping up with two shifts , day and night , "said Salah .


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