Thursday, March 13, 2014

Future for birds and fish on the IJsselmeer

There is another future for birds, fish and fishing on the IJsselmeer . After intense negotiations , all parties involved in the Master Plan for Fisheries , where RSPB and the Blue Heart Foundation belong, agreed fishing schubvis for the next three years in this area to close . In this way, the fish populations have a chance to recover , there is a future for fishing and the birds that live here .
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A full stop to catch schubvis such as perch , pike and roach , three years is the first necessary step to recovery of bad fish in the IJsselmeer . Because fish stocks at historically low levels, scientific institute Imares recommends moratorium . It is a drastic measure , but also the only viable , so read the opinion. It is also necessary that structurally less fish in the future to come . Responsible fishing on the IJsselmeer

The ecosystem IJsselmeer recent decades depleted . Birds which are dependent on fish as food are decreased greatly, could amount to more than half of their original number . The common tern colonies for years hundreds die young because their parents can not sufficiently bring fish . The IJsselmeer international weather can be a very important area for breeding and migrating birds . But for more nature restoration measures. (see also: vitamin burung)

For the fishing moratorium is a drastic measure . But only in this way , the fish populations a chance to recover to stable populations . For the thousands of birds that depend on the IJsselmeer this is good news . Partly because of the intensive fishing there is little food available , additionally regulated choke birds in nets .

The Master Plan for Fisheries IJsselmeer was drafted by the provinces of Friesland, Flevoland and Noord - Holland , the Ministries of Economic Affairs and I & M , Sportvisserij Netherlands , the fishermen ( PO ) , Blue Heart Foundation and BirdLife Netherlands . The process that led to this result is started after RSPB had challenged . Falsely successful fishing licenses


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