Monday, April 21, 2014

Acquired BTN, Employees Threaten National Strike

Employees of the State Savings Bank ( BTN ) would threaten national strike if the government is forced to acquire the BTN . The national strike is planned to be conducted on May 21, just in time for the BTN later held a General Meeting of Shareholders ( AGM ) .

" When convening the AGM as well , I 'm all employees BTN boycotted by making a human cordon around the building where convening the AGM , " said Chairman of the Trade Union BTN , Setya Wijayanta BTN employee actions while attending East Java BTN headquarters in Jakarta, Monday ( 21 / 4/2014 ) night .

In anticipation of the enactment of policies that are judged to be populist , it has also been socialized for employees BTN buy a lot of shares in BTN and the Bank.

" This program has been running so we reserve the right entry in the GMS forums and BTN Bank , " he added .

Government plans to make acquisitions over the BTN by the Bank thinks it will deny government programs in terms of facilitating the provision of adequate housing for citizens .

In addition , certain mergers fail and potentially pose a risk to employees laid off due to combine two different banking " sect " .
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As reported , the government plans to sell its stake in BTN . Bank Mandiri rumored to be a bank that will do the acquisition of BTN . At present , the composition of the shareholders of Bank BTN consists of 60.14 percent by the government , a foreign business entity by 25.45 percent , and the remainder made ​​up of individuals , employees , mutual funds , pension funds , insurance companies, cooperatives , and limited liability companies .


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