Thursday, April 17, 2014

TP - LINK Will Boyong A number of new products in the Indo ICT Expo 2014

Long before the Indo ICT Expo 2014 event held TP - LINK has announced that it will also enliven the exhibition to be held at the Jakarta Convention Center ( JCC ) on 14 to 16 May 2014 .

Indo ICT Expo 2014 exhibition itself is an exhibition that is limited to where only certain people or institutions who are invited to attend the exhibition.

In addition to announcing its presence in the Indo ICT Expo , TP - LINK is known as a provider of networking products mnyatakan commitment to R & D , efficient production and strict quality management . The company continually produces the best networking products such as Wireless Router , ADSL , Switches , Access Points , IP Cameras , Powerline Adapters , Print Servers , Media Converters and Network Adapters for users in the world .
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" R & D is the heart of the TP - LINK and take a big part in the success of the TP - LINK now and in the future in the world of network industry . R & D TP - LINK consists of learned men remarkable termukhtahir using equipment and techniques that produce products TP - LINK innovative and quality . R & D team includes TP - LINK hardware , software and overall product . With its own factory and R & D team is amazing, TP - LINK can provide the best quality assurance for the products TP - LINK , "wrote TP - LINK in his official statement .

Supported by millions of users around the world , TP - LINK developed into one competitive providers of networking products with aspirations of becoming a top 3 brand tissue products in the world and strive for greater market share again , and move forward in the world of network to serve our customers with products that can make their lives easier .

In Indo ICT Expo exhibition 2014 , TP - LINK is scheduled to introduce a number of new products they are .

" On this occasion , the TP - LINK will introduce several new products such as Dual Band Gigabit ADSL , SMB and other outdoor products that will soon arrive in Indonesia . For details , found in INDO ICT Expo 2014 , " said Robert Hu , General Manager of PT . TP - LINK Indonesia .


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