Friday, April 18, 2014

46 people were rescued from Pilgrim Ship Disaster

East Flores Regent , Joseph Ladadoni Herin , said 46 people had been rescued in the sinking of the disaster that brought the group when he joined the procession of pilgrims sea in the Strait Gonzalu , Friday afternoon .

Of the 46 people who were rescued , 29 still in intensive care at the General Hospital Larantuka . '' Meanwhile , 17 other people had returned to their homes , '' said Lagadoni Herin via telephone .

" From the last report , seven people died , 29 were treated in hospital and 17 people have been sent home because their condition is improving , " he said .

Regarding the number of passengers , he said can not be known because there is no data collection prior to the vessel entering the marine group to follow the procession .

However , he said the officers who led the East Flores Regent Vice Tukan Valens was down to the region of origin residents who followed the procession to the sea to collect data .

From the collection later , can determine whether there are victims who have not been saved from the disaster .
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" The pilgrims were incorporated in the motor boat came from two villages in Lewolere . Logging is being done . From data collection , can determine whether there are still people missing , " said Lagadoni Herin .


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