Friday, April 11, 2014

Owner Complains Xperia Z2 Overheat and Cracks on Chassis

Sony Xperia Z2 has just launched in Singapore last week , but it seems Sony started to flood of complaints from many users have reported some serious constraints on the Xperia handsets that affect the Z2 them .

Reporting from Sony 's official blog , Sony has received many complaints about the Xperia Z2 . Many users have complained that very disturbing gap in between the chassis front panel with aluminum frame Xperia Z2 . Users complained , the gap in the top right is prone entry of water and sweat , which can damage the inside Xperia devices Z2 . In addition , the existing gap , Z2 Xperia users are less comfortable when holding the edges of the handset .(see also: waptrick)

Not only that , users with critical Xperia Z2 also complained of overheating ( hot ) when recording 4K video , which can sometimes cause the application kamerahang , and berhentidengan itself .

So far Sony is investigating both sides of the issue, and provide some official statement on Z2 Xperia users around the world .

Sony writes , " The Sony understand the complaints from users who complained of overheating when 4K video , and it detracted from the battery supply , processor , and memory . Sony recommends that you should provide a greater supply of MicroSD , so that decision 4K video so smoothly . "

While an official statement regarding Sony Mobile Singapore is a gap in the Xperia Z2 ,

" Sony Xperia to be aware of user attention waterproofing capabilities of the Xperia Z2 . And with the complaints of users about the crack in the chassis Z2 Xperia , Sony will evaluate this issue . However if the user wants to be sure the waterproofing ability Xperia Z2 , you can carry the handset Xperia Z2 in any Sony service center to perform tests hold water that will be assisted by the staff of Sony .


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