Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Love tickets from Yogyakarta Remaining 50 Percent

Train ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta purpose in coming forth Love has expired . While tickets from Yogyakarta to the total area remaining 50 percent of the seating capacity . " At Yogyakarta , many passengers book train tickets purposes Jakarta , Bandung , and Surabaya , " said Public Relations Manager job implementing PT KAI Operational District VI Yogyakarta , Sumarsono , Monday , 28 April 2014.

Trains departing from Yogyakarta , among others Taksaka , Fajar Utama , Bogowonto , Gajah Wong , and the trains Progo . Most passengers buy train tickets for the H - 2 before Love or July 26 and H - 3 or 27 July 2014. Surge in demand from passenger ticket , said Sumarsono , also occurred in the H +2 and H +3 Love .
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Sumarsono pointed out a number of trains that depart from Yogyakarta train to the other . Lodaya morning train executives and business class to H - 2 Love still remaining 285 seats. While the economic train Bogowonto commercial purposes Senen Market Station , Jakarta , still remaining 531 seats. To train the economy of Sri Tanjung purpose Banyuwangi on July 26 or H - 2 still remaining 518 seats.

He said PT KAI will add the network to cope with the surge in passenger locomotive in Love 2014. Additionally, the same as last year Love , PT KAI plan to operate four additional cars . Still awaiting the outcome of his discussion of PT KAI center . The internal debate concerning the enforcement of additional car schedule and preparation of facilities and infrastructures .


Monday, April 28, 2014

50 Percent Through TKI NTB Called 'Line Rat

One Stop Service Coordinator ( LTSP ) , Manpower ( Manpower ) province of West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , Zaenal stated that 50 percent of Indonesian workers ( TKI ) from this region over many passes ' rat lines ' or unofficial channels .

" Many migrant workers without documents from NTB enter Malaysia through the rats , " said Zaenal in Mataram , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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According to Zaenal , compared to migrants through official channels , as many as 50 percent of migrant workers from NTB still choose to depart through irregular channels ( illegal ) and 50 percent chose to use official channels ( legally ) .

Zaenal said , if the data from as many as 45 629 LTSP NTB departing migrants through official channels throughout the year 2013. Amount illegal workers range in the same amount .

The illegal migrants are often deceiving public officers to use a passport , or through the flight path into the city, they move from Surabaya to Pontianak , they are often of this region to Malaysia illegally.

Zaenal said , of the 147 km long coast in Pontianak - Malacca border , there were hundreds of ports that serve the crossing into the country of Malaysia . Of this number there were only 10 official ports while the rest are local harbors are often used by illegal migrants to cross into Malaysia .

" Many illegal migrants crossing through the port of the people or the rat lines , " said Zaenal .

However , he added , the tendency of illegal migrants who leave through irregular channels has declined from year to year . This along with the Malaysian government that did the return of migrant workers without documents .

Zainal admitted worrying about the fate of the illegal migrants from NTB , therefore the numbers of migrant workers deported from Malaysia NTB high enough . Years ago, as many as 2,447 migrants in 2013 , for the year 2014 alone in the last three months the deportation rate has reached 1,804 workers.

He reminded that the workers who return home do not become Tekong Tekong - new . The workers are expected to take care of their own documents via the One Stop Service ( LTSP ) .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Metal Mobile Phone Named Galaxy S5 Prime

Starting from research Project KQ , leaked Samsung's latest smartphone the first metal began to lead to a name that will be carried.

Sign in S5 Galaxy variant , Samsung allegedly provided him with the title S5 Galaxy Prime .

As the name implies that shows that occupy the highest caste , such as leakage, seepage previously called Galaxy S5 Prime will be the first Android smartphone Samsung bermaterial wrapped metal body .
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Another plus is its screen , the Galaxy S5 Prime reportedly also will carry a 2K resolution ( 2560x1440 pixels ) . In order to maintain the quality of the display screen , to the extent that even the Samsung controller chips immerse yourself apart from the GPU .

As for offal , Galaxy S5 prime octa -core processor equipped with the latest 2.1 GHz Exynos accompanied by GPU Mali 600 MHz .

Interestingly , as quoted from Phone Arena , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , Samsung chose India as the location of the development itself rather than in his home country , South Korea .

Samsung sends 4 prototype unit S5 Galaxy Prime for continued development in the land of Bollywood .


Rowdy makers in the aircraft cockpit Thinking Space Toilet

Internastional Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai , Bali , on Friday last week were struck by an emergency call from a plane from Australia . According to the pilot sent an emergency code , hijacked plane .

After the anti- terror squad was revealed, it is known that it is not a terrorist act , but a drunken man who broke into the cockpit . According to the Bali police , a man named Matt Christopher Lockley was thought the cockpit as the toilet door .
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Dying weight , plus being stoned , Matt impatient and banged on the door of the pilot . At the point of dozens of shotgun apparatus , Matt custody of Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 aircraft and taken to the police station .

He pleaded guilty to banging on the cockpit door . He admitted when it was depressed . His arrival to Bali , I'm Matt , to find his wife were Indonesian citizens who have long lost contact .

To the police , he does not run out drinking alcohol . Before flying , he's just taking two pills Voltaren , four Panadol pills and drank two bottles of Coca - Cola . After taking the drug , he admitted there was someone who followed him hallucinate and wanted to steal her purse .

" According to him , he was not drunk , just suffering from depression due to family problems , " said Bali police spokesman , Assistant Commissioner of Police Hery Wiyanto as reported by Channel News Asia .

Because of him , Ngurah Rai airport was closed for some time . Flights were also diverted to other airports . ( ren )


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The trail down the history of the Chinese village in Terengganu

Speaking of the historical development of the city Terengganu , Malaysia , the role can not be released from the merchants from China . Historical evidence on the matter can be seen from the emergence of the Chinese village located in Jalan Bandar , Kuala Terengganu .

According to historical records , the Chinese Village was originally a gathering place Chinese people who stopped to Terengganu in the 18th century . At that time, they often interact with some sailors from the Malay Peninsula to the trading process .

One sailor origin of Malacca , Abdul Kadir Munshi Abdullah , had called the development of the Chinese in Terengganu very quickly . In fact , in the 19th century , he mentions the Chinese already communicate fully with the Terengganu Malay .

Developments that make Kuala Lumpur as one of the important trading center in Southeast Asia . Maznah Mohamad in his work entitled The Malay Handloom Weavers : A Study of the Rise and Decline of Traditional Manufacture mention copra , dried fish , silk and cotton major commodity trading process in Terengganu .

At that time, the origin of Chinese silk became the target for a number of European traders because the price is relatively cheap . This is where the Chinese in Terengganu role in the trading process . However , as the development of trade in the Strait of Malacca , Terengganu trade interaction that is down sharply .

Old Buildings

Now the remnants of the golden age of Terengganu is displayed clearly in the Chinese village . Old buildings still line the traditional Chinese way right on the side of the Terengganu river .

KOMPAS.COM / ARY WIBOWO Chinese village located in Jalan Bandar , Kuala Terengganu , Malaysia .
Kompas.com along the Terengganu International participants Squid Jigging Festival 2014 Chinese the opportunity to visit the village . Although when we arrived the sun was overpowering the skin , the beauty of the colorful buildings made ​​of traditional Chinese village that marginalized .

In 1998 , Chinese Villages in the list of historical sites that receive assistance from the World Monument Fund ( WMF ) . The Malaysian government is finally making the area as one of the historical sights in Terengganu in 2008 .

Chinese village down , you will see some old buildings have now been transformed into a drug store , a restaurant or a special gift for travelers coming . Decorated with colorful paint , along the way also still be given the lanterns that add to the traditional aesthetics of the area .

Jung Tan Leong , our tour guide throughout the festival squid jigging , revealed that the village is the birthplace of Chinese . He admitted , his grandfather first set foot in Terengganu with Raft Hill settled in the area before moving to Jalan Bandar .

" I remember my mother once said that this place ( village Chinese ) used to be like a forest . Not much history as the first Chinese coming here just to make money and after that they go back to their country of origin , " said the man commonly called Uncle Tan that.

Ho Ann Kiong Temple

In one corner there is a Chinese Village Ho Ann Kiong Temple is the oldest building called . According to Tan , the temple was first built in 1801 in the Chinese village and became a gathering place for prayer for ethnic Hokkien and Hainan .

KOMPAS.com / Ary Wibowo Ho Ann Kiong Temple located in Kampung Chinese in Kuala Terengganu , Malaysia .
Ho Ann Kiong skin of the building , according to Tan , is no longer the same as it was when first built in the Chinese village . It was not because the temple had experienced a fire on February 22, 2010 so that almost the entire structure of the charred building . Until now not known the exact cause of the fire.

"People here believe ( the fire ) was a message from the gods that this temple replaced the old building . Shrine is very crowded when the Chinese New Year and commemorate the anniversary of when the sea goddess Ma Zu , " he said .

market Payang

At the end of the road there is a village of Chinese traditional markets called Market Payang . Like the traditional markets in Indonesia, where it also sold a variety of food as well as traditional crafts Terengganu.Ini is one of the market attracted many travelers when visiting Terengganu .

Payang market is one of the historic places for trade in Terengganu . Reportedly , every ship that goes through the Terengganu River will visit the market for buying and selling process with local residents or Chinese . Giving Payang name itself refers to the dairy - payang boat ( fishing nets - pull ) that want to market their catches on the market .
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This market consists of two buildings . At the bottom of the merchants selling traditional foods such as hollow lekor and dry , lunkhead palas leaves , fruit , vegetables and fresh fish . Meanwhile , at the top of the traders usually sell handicrafts and batik or songket Terengganu with typical prices ranging from 80 to 200 ringgit Malaysia .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Acquired BTN, Employees Threaten National Strike

Employees of the State Savings Bank ( BTN ) would threaten national strike if the government is forced to acquire the BTN . The national strike is planned to be conducted on May 21, just in time for the BTN later held a General Meeting of Shareholders ( AGM ) .

" When convening the AGM as well , I 'm all employees BTN boycotted by making a human cordon around the building where convening the AGM , " said Chairman of the Trade Union BTN , Setya Wijayanta BTN employee actions while attending East Java BTN headquarters in Jakarta, Monday ( 21 / 4/2014 ) night .

In anticipation of the enactment of policies that are judged to be populist , it has also been socialized for employees BTN buy a lot of shares in BTN and the Bank.

" This program has been running so we reserve the right entry in the GMS forums and BTN Bank , " he added .

Government plans to make acquisitions over the BTN by the Bank thinks it will deny government programs in terms of facilitating the provision of adequate housing for citizens .

In addition , certain mergers fail and potentially pose a risk to employees laid off due to combine two different banking " sect " .
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As reported , the government plans to sell its stake in BTN . Bank Mandiri rumored to be a bank that will do the acquisition of BTN . At present , the composition of the shareholders of Bank BTN consists of 60.14 percent by the government , a foreign business entity by 25.45 percent , and the remainder made ​​up of individuals , employees , mutual funds , pension funds , insurance companies, cooperatives , and limited liability companies .


Office of PPP " Mastered " Kubu Suryadharma Ali

The head office of the United Development Party at Jalan Diponegoro , Central Jakarta , dozens of people seem guarded , Monday, April 21, 2014 , after the PPP National Leadership Meeting last night resulted in the decision of suspension against Suryadharma Ali from his position as Chairman of the PPP .

Rapimnas overnight PPP led by the Secretary General of PPP M Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) - which previously dilengeserkan Suryadharma Ali . However Romi refuse rotation removed because he thinks the board decided in a meeting of PPP daily caretaker who did not achieve a quorum . So in Rapimnas Sunday night , changing camp Romi who dismiss Suryadharma Ali .
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Tension between the two camps in the internal PPP still felt to this morning . Every corner in an office environment filled with men PPP Regional Leadership Council Chairman PPP Jakarta , Abraham Lunggana or Hajj Lulung who are in camp Suryadharma Alli .

Dozens of people were dressed in street clothes . They also stand guard at the entrance to the office two PPP is locked tight . " We are all the people Lulung Pak Haji , " said one among them who keep the PPP office lobby .

All PPP office padlocked gate , and everyone who wanted to enter were asked needs.

Security Coordinator , Mohammad Salah , said they keep the PPP office since last night . " We the youths of PPP supporters and partisans commanded appropriate administrator credentials to secure the assets of the office , " he said .

Salah said , they came from the camp Suryadharma Ali . According to him , every day about 100 people on standby to keep the PPP office in turn.

" We are here to maintain security while waiting reconciliation ( peace antarkubu ) . Every day there are 100 people keeping up with two shifts , day and night , "said Salah .


Friday, April 18, 2014

46 people were rescued from Pilgrim Ship Disaster

East Flores Regent , Joseph Ladadoni Herin , said 46 people had been rescued in the sinking of the disaster that brought the group when he joined the procession of pilgrims sea in the Strait Gonzalu , Friday afternoon .

Of the 46 people who were rescued , 29 still in intensive care at the General Hospital Larantuka . '' Meanwhile , 17 other people had returned to their homes , '' said Lagadoni Herin via telephone .

" From the last report , seven people died , 29 were treated in hospital and 17 people have been sent home because their condition is improving , " he said .

Regarding the number of passengers , he said can not be known because there is no data collection prior to the vessel entering the marine group to follow the procession .

However , he said the officers who led the East Flores Regent Vice Tukan Valens was down to the region of origin residents who followed the procession to the sea to collect data .

From the collection later , can determine whether there are victims who have not been saved from the disaster .
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" The pilgrims were incorporated in the motor boat came from two villages in Lewolere . Logging is being done . From data collection , can determine whether there are still people missing , " said Lagadoni Herin .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

TP - LINK Will Boyong A number of new products in the Indo ICT Expo 2014

Long before the Indo ICT Expo 2014 event held TP - LINK has announced that it will also enliven the exhibition to be held at the Jakarta Convention Center ( JCC ) on 14 to 16 May 2014 .

Indo ICT Expo 2014 exhibition itself is an exhibition that is limited to where only certain people or institutions who are invited to attend the exhibition.

In addition to announcing its presence in the Indo ICT Expo , TP - LINK is known as a provider of networking products mnyatakan commitment to R & D , efficient production and strict quality management . The company continually produces the best networking products such as Wireless Router , ADSL , Switches , Access Points , IP Cameras , Powerline Adapters , Print Servers , Media Converters and Network Adapters for users in the world .
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" R & D is the heart of the TP - LINK and take a big part in the success of the TP - LINK now and in the future in the world of network industry . R & D TP - LINK consists of learned men remarkable termukhtahir using equipment and techniques that produce products TP - LINK innovative and quality . R & D team includes TP - LINK hardware , software and overall product . With its own factory and R & D team is amazing, TP - LINK can provide the best quality assurance for the products TP - LINK , "wrote TP - LINK in his official statement .

Supported by millions of users around the world , TP - LINK developed into one competitive providers of networking products with aspirations of becoming a top 3 brand tissue products in the world and strive for greater market share again , and move forward in the world of network to serve our customers with products that can make their lives easier .

In Indo ICT Expo exhibition 2014 , TP - LINK is scheduled to introduce a number of new products they are .

" On this occasion , the TP - LINK will introduce several new products such as Dual Band Gigabit ADSL , SMB and other outdoor products that will soon arrive in Indonesia . For details , found in INDO ICT Expo 2014 , " said Robert Hu , General Manager of PT . TP - LINK Indonesia .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Mass Market" Contributions Largest Lending Danamon

In the first quarter of 2014 , PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk reported loan growth reached Rp 136 trillion . This figure shows an increase of 16 percent over the same period last year which reached Rp 117.48 trillion .

Its loan growth supported the growth of credit to the mass market segment , which accounts for 52 percent of the total loan portfolio . The loan portfolio includes loans through Danamon Savings and Loans ( DSP ) to the micro- entrepreneur clients , automobile loans through Adira Finance and household furnishings loans through Credit Adira .

" By the end of March 2014 , the Bank credits mass market grew 6 percent year on year to Rp 70.4 trillion . Meanwhile , non- mass market loans , which consists of , among others, loans to small and medium-sized business segment , commercial , and wholesale posted growth of 27 percent to Rp 65.5 trillion , " said Director of Bank Danamon Vera Eve Lim at the Bank Tower , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Micro loans of small and medium enterprises (MSMEs ) in the first quarter 2014 the company registered a growth of 9 percent to Rp 41.4 trillion, or 30 percent of the Bank's total loan portfolio .

The commercial loans grew 29 percent to Rp 16.3 trillion and wholesale loans grew 46 percent to Rp 18.6 trillion .
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Meanwhile , vehicle loans through Adira Finance grew 8 percent to Rp 48.5 trillion . " Credit growth is accompanied by the Bank 's asset quality improved . Ratio of non -performing loan ( NPL ) which stood at 1.9 percent at the end of March 2014 improved significantly compared to 2.5 percent in the same period the previous year , " said Vera .


Soetrisno Bachir So Money Laundering Witness Interview

Former Chairman of the National Mandate Party Soetrisno Bachir said there is a possibility of land and building assets purchased his sister Banten Governor Atut Chosiyah Chasan , Chaeri aka Henry Ward , now made ​​into a liaison office Banten Provincial Government . " It may be made so the office . , But I do not know because it does not monitor the assets ," he said in the courtyard of the Corruption Eradication Commission , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

Soetrisno just finished undergoing examination by KPK investigators . He examined related to the cases of alleged money laundering is done Henry . Soetrisno examined about two hours , and came out at 12.00 Commission .

" I asked the investigator whether the transaction when the land I already know Henry is buying , " said Soetrisno . "I do not know since when the transactions are made through a real estate agent . Only now do I know if an asset was purchased Henry the governor 's sister . "
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According Soetrisno , asset prices was only about USD 1.8 billion . "Recently investigators also say the value is small , " he said .

Head of Reporting and Information Commission Priharsa Nugraha said Soetrisno examined in a case of money laundering made ​​Henry . " Examined as a witness for TCW ( Henry ) , " said Priharsa via short message . Soetrisno previous name not on the list taped to the wall inspection newsroom KPK building .

On 14 April 2014 , KPK investigators examine DPP Chairman People's Conscience Party Fuad Bawazier for the same case . Told reporters at the KPK building , he said investigators asked about the land in Tebet , South Jakarta .

Ownership of the land area of ​​443 square meters that he said , was hers along Soetrisno . " Assets purchased in 2007 it belonged to Henry I and Mr. Soetrisno Bachir . Purchased for under $ 2 billion , " said Fuad .

Allegedly , the land that is now the Banten provincial government liaison office . The address at Jalan Tebet Raya No. 51 East , South Jakarta .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Himself So Jokowi Objects Materials Test Questions

Governor of Jakarta at the same time presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , does not agree that the name itself becomes an ingredient in the national examinations ( UN ) .

" The question that should have character issues , which is good yes national hero . From Aceh , Maluku , " said Jokowi in G Block Market , Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) afternoon .

According to Jokowi , the existence of the name in the background at the same time to the UN irrelevant . Supposedly , it gives the manufacturer about further problems related to trace the history of Indonesia .

Jokowi said he did not know why his name into the exam for the students of the high school equivalent . " Just ask for the same . Ndak I know , " said Jokowi . Previously , circulating photos on social media to the UN that contains the name of Joko Widodo .

The types of questions that are multiple choice . First , the background prior written Joko Widodo , ranging from date of birth , educational track record , until the problems faced related Jokowi UMP .
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After that , about the entrance to the question asking what Jokowi exemplary points in the discourse quote . The next question is what are the problems faced by these paragraphs Joko Widodo .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Owner Complains Xperia Z2 Overheat and Cracks on Chassis

Sony Xperia Z2 has just launched in Singapore last week , but it seems Sony started to flood of complaints from many users have reported some serious constraints on the Xperia handsets that affect the Z2 them .

Reporting from Sony 's official blog , Sony has received many complaints about the Xperia Z2 . Many users have complained that very disturbing gap in between the chassis front panel with aluminum frame Xperia Z2 . Users complained , the gap in the top right is prone entry of water and sweat , which can damage the inside Xperia devices Z2 . In addition , the existing gap , Z2 Xperia users are less comfortable when holding the edges of the handset .(see also: waptrick)

Not only that , users with critical Xperia Z2 also complained of overheating ( hot ) when recording 4K video , which can sometimes cause the application kamerahang , and berhentidengan itself .

So far Sony is investigating both sides of the issue, and provide some official statement on Z2 Xperia users around the world .

Sony writes , " The Sony understand the complaints from users who complained of overheating when 4K video , and it detracted from the battery supply , processor , and memory . Sony recommends that you should provide a greater supply of MicroSD , so that decision 4K video so smoothly . "

While an official statement regarding Sony Mobile Singapore is a gap in the Xperia Z2 ,

" Sony Xperia to be aware of user attention waterproofing capabilities of the Xperia Z2 . And with the complaints of users about the crack in the chassis Z2 Xperia , Sony will evaluate this issue . However if the user wants to be sure the waterproofing ability Xperia Z2 , you can carry the handset Xperia Z2 in any Sony service center to perform tests hold water that will be assisted by the staff of Sony .


Sounds Up, CLA degree Orphan Thanksgiving Together

DPP National Awakening Party ( PKB ) held a celebration with orphans . This is related to the results achieved by the party in pileg 2014.

" We are grateful achieve significant sound although still quick count results . We will wait for the official results KPU real count , " said Chairman of PKB Muhaimin Iskandar in Jakarta , Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

Based on a quick count , PKB won more votes than nine percent , up sharply from the acquisition of the 2009 election is only in the range of four percent .

" We are optimistic that in real terms the vote later CLA could reach 10 percent , even more , " said Muhaimin .

He would like to thank all those who have served to increase the CLA sound . Start of sympathizers , NU , cadre , candidates , party officials , up to two- party presidential candidate , namely Rhoma Irama and Mahfud MD .

" Rhoma candidate that gives us a tremendous effect for voters , led to the birth of new constituent regions . Pak Mahfud with fanatical supporters , " said Muhaimin .

He also thanked the Chairman of the NU KH Said Aqil Siradj . As well as the scholars who guided and helped raise PKB . " CLA can not be great without NU and scholars , " said Muhaimin .

According to him , the strong support NU indicates that CLA is believed to be among Nahdliyin aspiration .
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Muhaimin said the celebration event was also associated with the implementation of the election which was considered PKB pretty good , comfortable , safe , without significant friction .

" Voter participation has also increased and a relatively open competition can be controlled be a healthy competition , " he said .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Picture Password: How To Lock BB 10

Update the BlackBerry 10 operating system to version 10.2.1 brings a lot of interesting things. Besides the ability to install Android applications more easily in fact there are many additional features and improvements brought the latest version of the BB10. One of them is a Picture Password.

Picture password is a new method for securing your BlackBerry device 10 by combining the use of figures and images without having to type a password.

When the device is activated and the BlackBerry 10 in the locked state, you will be presented a picture and arrangement of numbers displayed randomly. Needed just point numbers that have been selected for a specific position which has also been selected.

Without lingering longer, here's how to turn on and some tips to maximize comfort and safety in using Picture Password feature.

There are two main steps to activate the Picture Password.

First, enable the Device Password

Picture Password can only be activated after the device password also in the active state. Device Password needed when you forget the combination Picture Password or if you want to access the BlackBerry 10 devices from the computer using the BlackBerry Link. By default, if you make a mistake when trying to open the lock with Picture Password as much as 5 times then you will be prompted to enter the device password.

If you have enabled Device Password then you can proceed to the next step. To enable the Device Password,

1. Swipe downwards from the top of the screen area.

2. Select Settings> Security and Privacy> Device Password

3. Slide the toggle to the On position Device Password
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4. You can also choose Simple Password if you just want to use numbers for your passwords. While the Simple Password Off position then you can combine letters and numbers as passwords.

5. Determine your password.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Australia: Malaysia Airlines Search Can Lasts Long

The Australian government on Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) , warned that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 can take a very long and very frustrating .

Despite extensive searches being conducted in the Indian Ocean , southwest of Perth , has so far not been found strong evidence related where the ill-fated plane .
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A number of floating objects that look several times , apparently after being appointed a fishing gear or marine debris usual .

Retired Air Marshal Angus Houston , a retired Australian Air Force , said the search operation searches Malaysia Airlines is the most challenging he had ever seen .

" Usually the starting point is the location of the last search aircraft or vehicle is lost . Yet in this case , the last position is very far from the location of the missing aircraft , " said Angus .

Referring to the search warship HMAS Sydney Australia's newly discovered 60 years after the German ship sunk in 1941 in the Indian Ocean , Angus said , MH370 search is expected to " end up " together .

"This search can take a very long time . However I think at this stage it is important to pursue all of the evidence , " said Angus .
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Currently as many as 10 aircraft , nine ships , some of which are reinforced helicopter continued to search the area of ​​the southern Indian Ocean malignant .

Meanwhile , the Australian ship , Ocean Shield , which is equipped with a black box detector belonging to the U.S. , leaving the port of Perth since Monday ( 3/31/2014 ) . But it takes three days to reach the site search .