Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rowdy makers in the aircraft cockpit Thinking Space Toilet

Internastional Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai , Bali , on Friday last week were struck by an emergency call from a plane from Australia . According to the pilot sent an emergency code , hijacked plane .

After the anti- terror squad was revealed, it is known that it is not a terrorist act , but a drunken man who broke into the cockpit . According to the Bali police , a man named Matt Christopher Lockley was thought the cockpit as the toilet door .
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Dying weight , plus being stoned , Matt impatient and banged on the door of the pilot . At the point of dozens of shotgun apparatus , Matt custody of Virgin Blue Boeing 737-800 aircraft and taken to the police station .

He pleaded guilty to banging on the cockpit door . He admitted when it was depressed . His arrival to Bali , I'm Matt , to find his wife were Indonesian citizens who have long lost contact .

To the police , he does not run out drinking alcohol . Before flying , he's just taking two pills Voltaren , four Panadol pills and drank two bottles of Coca - Cola . After taking the drug , he admitted there was someone who followed him hallucinate and wanted to steal her purse .

" According to him , he was not drunk , just suffering from depression due to family problems , " said Bali police spokesman , Assistant Commissioner of Police Hery Wiyanto as reported by Channel News Asia .

Because of him , Ngurah Rai airport was closed for some time . Flights were also diverted to other airports . ( ren )


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