Monday, April 28, 2014

50 Percent Through TKI NTB Called 'Line Rat

One Stop Service Coordinator ( LTSP ) , Manpower ( Manpower ) province of West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , Zaenal stated that 50 percent of Indonesian workers ( TKI ) from this region over many passes ' rat lines ' or unofficial channels .

" Many migrant workers without documents from NTB enter Malaysia through the rats , " said Zaenal in Mataram , Monday ( 28/4 ) .
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According to Zaenal , compared to migrants through official channels , as many as 50 percent of migrant workers from NTB still choose to depart through irregular channels ( illegal ) and 50 percent chose to use official channels ( legally ) .

Zaenal said , if the data from as many as 45 629 LTSP NTB departing migrants through official channels throughout the year 2013. Amount illegal workers range in the same amount .

The illegal migrants are often deceiving public officers to use a passport , or through the flight path into the city, they move from Surabaya to Pontianak , they are often of this region to Malaysia illegally.

Zaenal said , of the 147 km long coast in Pontianak - Malacca border , there were hundreds of ports that serve the crossing into the country of Malaysia . Of this number there were only 10 official ports while the rest are local harbors are often used by illegal migrants to cross into Malaysia .

" Many illegal migrants crossing through the port of the people or the rat lines , " said Zaenal .

However , he added , the tendency of illegal migrants who leave through irregular channels has declined from year to year . This along with the Malaysian government that did the return of migrant workers without documents .

Zainal admitted worrying about the fate of the illegal migrants from NTB , therefore the numbers of migrant workers deported from Malaysia NTB high enough . Years ago, as many as 2,447 migrants in 2013 , for the year 2014 alone in the last three months the deportation rate has reached 1,804 workers.

He reminded that the workers who return home do not become Tekong Tekong - new . The workers are expected to take care of their own documents via the One Stop Service ( LTSP ) .


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