Sunday, April 27, 2014

Metal Mobile Phone Named Galaxy S5 Prime

Starting from research Project KQ , leaked Samsung's latest smartphone the first metal began to lead to a name that will be carried.

Sign in S5 Galaxy variant , Samsung allegedly provided him with the title S5 Galaxy Prime .

As the name implies that shows that occupy the highest caste , such as leakage, seepage previously called Galaxy S5 Prime will be the first Android smartphone Samsung bermaterial wrapped metal body .
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Another plus is its screen , the Galaxy S5 Prime reportedly also will carry a 2K resolution ( 2560x1440 pixels ) . In order to maintain the quality of the display screen , to the extent that even the Samsung controller chips immerse yourself apart from the GPU .

As for offal , Galaxy S5 prime octa -core processor equipped with the latest 2.1 GHz Exynos accompanied by GPU Mali 600 MHz .

Interestingly , as quoted from Phone Arena , Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , Samsung chose India as the location of the development itself rather than in his home country , South Korea .

Samsung sends 4 prototype unit S5 Galaxy Prime for continued development in the land of Bollywood .


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