Monday, May 26, 2014

Parliament Beaver, Wacik Select Than Attend Graduation Discuss Fuel Subsidy

Some members of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives ( DPR ) RI furious after hearing the letter requesting a leave of absence Wacik read by the Minister of Finance , Chatib Basri , to discuss the 2014 Proposed Changes , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Jero known to be absent from the meeting , but the discussion about the changes in the budget , especially energy subsidies is crucial . Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources ( ESDM ) it prefers graduated students of the School of Energy and Minerals . Here are the contents Wacik license :

Dear House of Representatives .
( Read: sangkar burung kacer )

Referring to the House a letter dated May 22, 2014 , for a meeting on Monday, May 2014 , we hereby inform our students will be inaugurated School of Energy and Minerals ( STIEM ) , in Blora , Cepu , Central Java Province .

Discussion of Proposed Revised 2014 represented the Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources , and he has been given authority to make decisions .

Yours sincerely
Ir.Jero Wacik

Hearing the petition absent Jero , a number of board members inflamed . There were interrupted so Proposed Revised 2014 meeting was postponed until the evening , wait until Jero come .

" If we need to use the shuttle presidential plane , " the board member said . Meanwhile , there is also regretted the attitude Jero select handful of students graduated , and shy away from discussing the interests of 250 million people .

As known , the 2014 Proposed Changes in energy subsidies swell . As for the fuel subsidy , LPG ​​, and BBN swell from Rp 210.7 trillion to Rp 285 trillion , while electricity subsidies swelling of Rp 71.4 trillion to Rp 107.1 trillion .


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