Friday, May 23, 2014

ICAEW: Indonesian Exports Rely On Commodities

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales ( ICAEW ) predicts Indonesia's exports will depend on the commodity . Besides Indonesia , other countries in the less developed ASEAN is also dependent on commodity exports .

Economist of the ICAEW , said Charles Davis , commodity prices more volatile than the prices of other export goods . The price depends on the exchange rate . Currently , the exchange rate in developing countries is weakening as selling caused improvement in advanced economies .
" Even when the exchange rate is stable , global commodity prices could vary , " he said in the exposure ICAEW report entitled Economic Insight : South East Asia , in Jakarta , yesterday . Supply instability can also create a lack of supply at a time and excess supply at any other time .
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ICAEW ASEAN countries divide into three groups based on the status of development of the country . The first group , the state with the lowest development , namely Cambodia , Laos and Myanmar , has the highest dependence on commodities .

The second group , the countries with moderate economic growth , Indonesia , the Philippines and Thailand . These countries dependent on commodity exports for not having adequate human resources and infrastructure to produce high-value goods and services .

While the third group is the more developed countries , such as Singapore and Malaysia . Both countries export more manufactured products .

Davis predicts , up to five years into the future world oil prices will go down . " Oil prices will go down because of supply and slowing demand from developing countries , " he said .

Indonesia invites the public to use local products , all employers are required to raise the quality or the quality of its products . One of the efforts made by the Ministry of Industry is inviting consultants from Italy .

'' I 'm Italian consultants in order to assist the shoe industry centers for the benefit of the domestic market , '' said Industry Minister Mohamad Hidayat told reporters corresponding S opening week of Indonesian Product ( PPI ) in Bandung , West Java , on Thursday ( 22/5 ) . n satya festiani / arie lukihardianti ed : zaky al glottal


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