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Characteristics of Heat Resistant Plants

Characteristics of Heat Resistant Plants Flowers - Beautify your yard or house with media room is an ornamental plant that must be done , especially heat-resistant plants , because each of our store or decorate definitely be there one or two flower pots should be stored in open place or a place that is always illuminated by the sun .(see also: pakan burung cendet)

Heat Resistant Plants

The characteristics to note in choosing plants that are resistant to direct sunlight or heat resistant plants are :

1 . Size Flowers

The mean size of its small flowers are large , and his regular flowers or plants whose flowers have a rather thick crown and the relatively small size of its flowers her usual resistance to heat .

2 . Leaf surface

From the leaf surface can be viewed, whether the heat-resistant crops or not , and all that can be seen by observing its leaf surface , if the surface of its leaves look shiny like wax and in touch feels slippery , it's a sign of the interest of its heat resistant .

3 . Leaf thickness

If these plants have the leaves are thick , it means that the plant has resistance to heat , and it means that the thicker the leaves will be more heat resistant .

4 . Fur And Thorns

Plants that his next heat resistance can be seen from the fur and spines, spines and bristles where it has a function as a tool to reduce excessive evaporation .
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In addition to the above characteristics , the plant also can withstand the heat that is with care, as if without a care remains good and right , then it can be sure any plant will experience death .

Heat Resistant Plants
Now that's What Makes Plants Resistant Heat , may be useful .


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